40 Acres and A Mule: Why East Lubbock Deserves Reparations

40 Acres and a Mule: Why East Lubbock Deserves Reparations is a digital and in print art exhibition that includes work representative of the socio-economic hardship and present cultural state in the Eastern portion of Lubbock, Texas. The exhibition includes artists living in Texas that explore the idea of what reparations would look like in marginalized communities such as East Lubbock, common themes that have been present for decades in the community, and the history and resilience of the members of East Lubbock. 

East Lubbock is a predominantly Black and Brown, marginalized neighborhood. The community has often been neglected and seen as separate from the rest of the City of Lubbock due to this, East Lubbock is a cotton-rich, industrial, food-droughted neighborhood. It is a representative of many neighborhoods of Color that have become neglected. Despite the setback, East Lubbock has a rich history, culture, and a variety of community members have made a lasting impression on West Texas.

“Lady Liberty’s Sister from Another Mother (We the People)”, Gwendolyn Coney.
“Brothers”, Gwendolyn Coney.
“Girl Viewing her iPhone”, Gwendolyn Coney.
“Caddo House”, Angela Faz
“Casa Caddo”, Angela Faz.
“There was Nothing Here”, Angela Faz.
“Early Boundaries”, Laura Davidson.
“Power Lines”, Laura Davidson.
“Quarantine 3”, Joshua Moran.
“Quarantine 2”, Joshua Moran.
“Quarantine 1”, Joshua Moran.
“Structure Series: Church”, Chad Plunket
“Structure Series: Church”, Chad Plunket
“Guide Me Over Thy Great Jehovah”, Rexon Mosely Jr.
“Friend (student from Alderson Elementary)” , Sarah Jones.
“Survivor (student from Alderson Elementary)”, Sarah Jones.
“Leader (student from Alderson Elementary)”, Sarah Jones.
“Dinner”, LaShonda Cooks.
“White Supports Black, Makes Gold“, Lauren McPhail R.
“Support the Path, Pave the Path”, Lauren McPhail R.
“Give ‘Em Hell ‘Till They Fail”, Teianna Mitchell.
“White People Formed Their Lips to Tell Me”, Cydnee Prince.
“Machines for Cultivating Tumbleweeds in Lubbock”, Sarah Aziz.
“Machines for Cultivating Tumbleweeds in Lubbock”, Sarah Aziz.
“Machines for Cultivating Tumbleweeds in Lubbock”, Sarah Aziz.
“Voiced (Parkway, Lubbock, TX)”, Adam Farcus.
Voiced (Dunbar-Manhattan Heights, Lubbock, TX)”, Adam Farcus.
“Voiced (Chatman Hill, Lubbock, TX)”, Adam Farcus.
“Buy Your House”, Xxavier Carter.
Angels Island”, Xxavier Carter.
“Exercising a Popular Fiction”, Xxavier Carter.
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