This is East Lubbock Art House (ELAH)! We’re accountable, we’re creative, and we’re giving back to our community.

East Lubbock Art House is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that supports emerging artist and marginalized artists as well as working towards the betterment of the Eastern portion of Lubbock, Texas. We were founded in February of 2020 on concerns, ideas, and needs of the community. With this being said, we plan work with artists through exhibition opportunities, give free and/or affordable art classes, and provide art events hosted in East Lubbock. Our mission is to create accessible means to the arts for all individuals and to uplift our Brown and Black neighbors. And we’re always open to new ideas, art events, and ways we can give back!

Tiara Ward as an artist/vendor at ELAH during Brunch & Booze 2022

East Lubbock Art House was founded by Danielle Demetria East and a host of volunteers. Danielle is originally from La Grange, TX but moved to Lubbock in September 2019 to complete work as one of the four artists-in-residence at the Charles Adams Studio Project.

Brunch & Booze 2021
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